subscription membership

as little as £8 per hour...

What is it?

  • Anywhere between 16 and 50 hours per month

  • Pick and choose each month for the hours you need

  • 7 days a week access

  • Open 0800 to 2100 every day

Who is it for?

The Harrogate Studio can be used for a range of activities, not just photography. We have clients who run workshops in MUA, hair and photography as well as actually photographing people. Two full days outside of professional membership casts £240 or 16 individual sessions costs £480!

16 to 24 hours @ £10 p/h - £160+ 

24 to 36 hours @ £9 p/h - £324

36 to 50 hours @ £8 p/h - £400

Pick the hours you need at any point in the month

Pay for those hours

Use those hours within 31 days


You bought 24 hours but by the end of the month you use 36 hours. We invoice you for the 12 additional hours at £9 ph. One additional invoice payment of £108. 

All members must complete the membership form and then "Sign Up" on the Book Studio page. Once we have received your form and you have signed up we will be able to authorise your access to the live booking system.

You can purchase subscription membership in the booking system

T's & C's

We don't have many!  It's about trust and professionalism:

  • 3 month commitment

  • No rollover of unused hours

  • Professional behaviour in the studio: leave it clean and tidy, report faulty/damaged equipment

  • Fair usage for all: we can't have people simply block booking and hoping they are going to get a client. This detracts from the availability for others - book only what you need, when you need.

  • Cancellation as soon as possible - if your client cancels, make sure you delete your slot.

  • Don't rely on the milk in the fridge.....if in doubt, bring your own! 🙂

  • Eat the biscuits, drink the tea and coffee!