COVID safe policy

Meeting, Greeting and Interactions...


  • The photographer will remain in the studio to meet clients and will maintain a minimum two meter distance between all members of the attending party. Only in exceptional circumstances for the purposes of saving life or limb so as to administer emergency first aid will this be deviated from. In these circumstances appropriate PPE will be worn if possible.

  • Greetings will not be with the customary handshaking we all know and respect - please don't be offended.

  • Face Masks will be worn by all clients over the age of 11 and by the photographer, unless medical exemptions apply, until photographs are to be taken.​

  • All clients will be required to use the provided hand sanitiser on entry.

  • The Photographer will wash their hands between each session.

  • When not photographing the photographer will wear a face mask.

  • When not being photographed or seated clients will wear a facemask.

  • Social photography will only be with a maximum of 6 people from the same household.

Studio Cleanliness...

  • At the beginning of each day and or at the conclusion of the last session the studio will be cleaned as follows:​

    • Floors will be swept or vacuumed

    • All surfaces will be cleaned with antibacterial/antiviral spray/wipes as is available; seats, kitchen surfaces, tables, amenities, door handles, window sills, window handles, equipment surfaces, cables, hand rails, hard surface props, kitchen drawers and cupboard handles.

  • At the conclusion of each session the studio will be cleaned by the photographer as follows:

    • ​All surfaces will be cleaned with antibacterial/antiviral spray/wipes as is available; seats, kitchen surfaces, tables, amenities, door handles, hand rails, used hard surface props.

Restrictions on Use...

  • A minimum of 30 minutes between sessions will be adopted to allow for appropriate cleaning.​​​

  • Shower facilities will be suspended.

  • Clients are encouraged to bring their own refreshment if needed as NO REFRESHMENTS ARE ALLOWED TO BE PROVIDED BY THOSE RENTING THE STUDIO OR THOSE ATTENDING (exception for providing water in medically necessary situations).

  • Soft props that are unable to be cleaned will be placed by the fire extinguishers and in a bag so as to identify to the administrators they require washing.​

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