inside the Harrogate studio

the space to create and the equipment to shape...

Newborn shooting with a great selection of props and kit to use:

  • Faux suede large baby poser beanbag

  • Backdrop holder

  • Boxes & Suitcases

  • Multiple backdrops: fabric/paper/vinyl

  • Poser cushions

  • Various lighting setups

  • Plenty of clips and clamps

Multiple electric backdrop system and a manual system too:

  • Lastolite TriFlector with white and silver

  • Lastolite SunFire Reflector with stand

  • Collection of Snoots

  • Collection of reflectors and honeycomb grids

  • Various backdrops

  • Lastolite fabric backsdrops

  • Chromakey GreenScreen backdrops

  • Multiple coloured backdrops

Fully Kitted Kitchen:

  • Breakfast bar with 8 seats

  • Microwave

  • Dishwasher

  • Fridge/Freezer

  • Crockery/Glassware/Cutlery to feed the 5000!


Professionals Desk:

  • Large glass desk

  • Executive chair

  • Client seating

  • Unlimited internet

  • Stationary

  • Power Sockets

  • HDMI/DVI monitor for Laptop/iPad


Shower & Changing Room:

  • Private room

  • Power shower

  • Underfloor Heating

  • Mirror/beauty wall

  • Complimentary smelly stuff

Dedicated Makeup Artist Area:

  • Large lit mirror

  • Ample space for make up kit

  • Sockets for hair makeup equipment

  • Plenty of space

  • Tea on tap for the MUA/HMUA

Permanent Backdrop Space:

  • Creative walls

  • Bookshelf wall

  • Contemporary textured wall

  • Comfy sofa for families/Professional/Headshot


Comfort for you and Clients:

  • Large comfortable sofas

  • Toilet facilities

  • Complimentary teas/coffee (likely a biscuit too!)

  • Unlimited internet

  • Private room for baby feeding/changing


Backdrop use:

  • The backdrops can be used by everyone BUT we do ask that your clients take their shoes off unless there is a specific need to have them on.

  • Backdrops are charged at £10 per meter where damage occurs. Where there is no damage, there is no charge. 

  • Measurements are taken from the end furthest away from the roll - if there is damage three meters from the end of the roll you will be asked to pay for 3 meters.

equipment list


check out our extensive equipment list...


3 x Bowens 750 Heads

2 x Bowens 750 Gemini

2 x Bowens 500DX Esprit

2 x Bowens 500 Esprit 2
1 x Bowens 500R Head

2 x CITI 600 HSS capable (Bowens fit) *by prior agreement*


Light Modifiers/Soft Boxes
2 x Bowens Umbrellas


2 x Stripbox 30x120cm Softbox Honeycomb Grid

2 x Stripbox 20x90cm Softbox with Honeycomb Grid

1 x Bowens 100cm x 100cm Soft Box

1 x Bowens 60cm x 60cm Soft Box

3 x Bowens Snoot

1 x Bowens 60 Degree Grid Reflector With 3 Grids

2 x Bowens Octagon Softbox 120cm Honeycomb Grid
1 x Bowens Octabox Softbox 150cm

1 x Bowens Octagon Softbox 110cm

1 x Bowens Octagon Softbox 100cm Honeycomb Grid

1 x Bowens 40cm Beauty Dish with Honeycomb & diffuser

1 x Beauty Dish with Honeycomb & diffuser 

1 x 38cm Beauty Dish

2 x Barn door
1 x Backlite reflector

1 x 80cm gold/silver reflector 

1 x Lastolite TriFlector MkII with Silver/White Panels
1 x Lastolite Sunfire Reflector and Stand
1 x Grey Card 

Flash Stands

4 x Bowens Stands

2 x Manfrotto Stands

4 x Generic Stands
1 x Manfrotto heavy duty Light Boom Stand

1 x WexPro Air Cushioned

1 x long mobile backdrop holder (bring your own backdrop)


Flash Trigger Systems

Pocket Wizard Wireless Receiver/Transceiver

Canon compatible Wireless Receiver/Transceiver

Nikon Compatible Wireless Receiver/Transceiver

Backdrops/Reflector Boards
Motor driven Backdrop system for 2.7m backdrops

2 x large V-flats (white/black/gold/silver)

1 x 2.7m x 8m White Vinyl Roll
Various 2.75m Wide Colorama Paper Rolls
2 x Vintage Vinyl Backdrops

2 x 4x4ft vinyl distressed wood floor rolls

2 x 4x4ft vinyl distressed wallpaper backdrops

4 x Printed Backdrops

B1 Stage Molleton Fabric 3m wide colour: Green Screen

1 x 2.7m paper Chromakey Green Screen

1x 3.7m x 30 m grey paper*by prior agreement*


Self inflating large double bed: maternity/couples/baby shoots

2 x Child faux suede zebra print chairs

1 x Baby photo shoot posing faux leather poser

Lastolite posing tubs

Various stools/chairs

1 x Portable Laptop/Projector stand

1 x Smoke Machine

1 x TV with USB-C HDMI input and USB-C to USB-C Camera input

1 x standing fan

1 x large gold guilt frame

Correct as of 2/1/20

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