studio rental pricing

flexible, competitive pricing with all the goodies

The studio is available to rent from 8:00 AM through to closing at 9:00 PM. 

All rental times come with the use of all facilities and equipment. The studio must be returned to a clean and tidy state after each rental period. We require time to clean and protect the next client after your session. Sometimes it is possible to add time to the end of your original booked time if no other rentals are taking place afterwards. Please discuss this with us prior to making your booking.

Access to the Harrogate Studio is by a Bluetooth lockbox system on your phone. Please download the app Master Lock from from your application store using the correct link below.


When you book we will send you a link to activate your access.


Apple iOS




ONE hour 


TWO hours


THREE hours


FOUR hours


FIVE hours


SIX hours


SEVEN hours


EIGHT hours

monthly bundles

savings on multiple hours

For professional and enthusiastic amateurs we now offer a saving on monthly advanced bookings. Purchase at any time in the month and use within one month of purchase.


  • 5 x 2 hours

  • Five two hour slots

  • Saving £50 (£15 ph)


  • 5 x 3 hours

  • Five three hour slots

  • Saving £100 (£13.33ph)


  • 3 x 4 hours

  • Three four hour slots

  • Saving £30 (£15 ph)


  • 3 x 5 hours

  • Three five hour slots

  • Saving £40 (£13.33 ph)


  • 3 x 6 hours

  • Three six hour slots

  • Saving £70 (£12.22ph)


  • 3 x 7 hours

  • Three seven hour slots

  • Saving £70 (£12.38ph)