Half Day Flash Portraits

everything to get you started...

This four hour workshop takes someone who has never used flash photography before and introduces them to the equipment, how light works, the portrait techniques and how to pull it all together! Having an understanding of how light works and what affect it has on the model and the backdrops is key in lighting the right atmosphere.

We walk through everything: using and the set up of the equipment, what all the buttons do, the different modifiers you can attach, using a light meter and taking readings. We set up lighting styles, use reflectors and backlighting. 

Using a model we explore the placement of the key light, fill light and lights from behind. Demonstrating a range of the most common portrait techniques you will setup the equipment, engage with the model and and use your own camera to create photos you can edit yourself.

We will demonstrate the use of the lights and show you the images on a big screen before you use your own equipment to replicate them.

  • The Equipment

    • What do all the buttons do?

    • Setting the flash up safely

    • Attaching modifiers

  • The Light Meter

    • What does it do?

    • How it works

    • How to take a reading

  • The Triggers

    • How do they work?

    • Setting them up

    • Correct connections

  • How Flash Works 

    • What is Native Flash Sync Speed

    • "power" is a misnomer

    • Shutter speed doesn't matter?

  • The Inverse Square Law

    • What is this and is it important?

    • How it affects the model

    • How it affects the background

    • Lighting Ratio

  • Modifiers

    • What do the modifiers do?

    • The "clock" positions

    • Softbox's with and without grids

    • Feathering and shaping the light

    • Soft light and Hard light

    • Lighting Ratios

  • Portrait Lighting techniques

    • Loop Lighting

    • Rembrandt Lighting

    • Broad/Narrow lighting

    • Reflectors and Fill lighting

    • Kickers/Hair Lights


"...Clear and concise tuition presented in a friendly way. Time at the Harrogate Studio is more like visiting really cool, good friends in a fantastic, fully resourced studio rather than a lesson. The hands on knowledge you walk away with leaves you with a greater understanding of practical techniques to improve you photography game, regardless of your level..."


"...Studio Flash Portraiture Workshop - Had a fun few hours in a relaxed environment whilst learning and developing skills..."


"...I have been on quite a few different workshops and the two levels of workshop provided by you are two of the best I have been on..."


"...You come away with a great understanding of lighting techniques and the confidence to be able to put what you have learnt into practice..."


"...to include light and shadows in a shoot and what a difference it makes to an image when it is used..."