Your Workshop - For You

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We've been working with photographers for years and love meeting new people and learning new things ourselves!

We want to help you to get the best from your photography! What do you need to know? Is there something that doesn't make sense? Perhaps you have a special project or want to branch out. Talk to us about helping you move forward with what you need!

The owner of Something Else Vintage wanted to control her stock photography and not rely on others to produce it for her. With a high turnover of stock she didn't want to rely on the timetable of others and needed to have a more dynamic response to production. We discussed the best way to achieve her goal and came up with a custom workshop that gave her the skills and opportunity to practice them so she was confident in pushing herself forward.

A six hour day gave Maddy the demonstration, understanding and practical use of equipment before she returned on her own with the confidence to use the equipment alone and achieve the results she wanted! Maddy now uses the studio to produce her stock photography at a time that suits her and the needs of the business!


"...Clear and concise tuition presented in a friendly way. Time at the Harrogate Studio is more like visiting really cool, good friends in a fantastic, fully resourced studio rather than a lesson. The hands on knowledge you walk away with leaves you with a greater understanding of practical techniques to improve you photography game, regardless of your level..."


"...Studio Flash Portraiture Workshop - Had a fun few hours in a relaxed environment whilst learning and developing skills..."


"...I have been on quite a few different workshops and the two levels of workshop provided by you are two of the best I have been on..."


"...You come away with a great understanding of lighting techniques and the confidence to be able to put what you have learnt into practice..."


" include light and shadows in a shoot and what a difference it makes to an image when it is used..."